Wheel Polishing


Whether you buy our new or rare wheels, or have your own, our wheel experts want to make them look the best they can be. With our wheel polishing services, you get the whole package. Our fully dedicated and efficient operation delivers premium quality for an affordable price. Go ahead, treat yourself!

Safety First

We perform rigorous wheel inspections with specialized equipment to reveal defects before we polish. Whether your wheel is worn or bent, you have a cracked lug hole, or a corroded valve stem, we have you covered.

At Fleetwheel LLC, we know how much you care about your truck from firsthand experience. This is why we carry an incredible selection of refurbished Alcoa and Accuride wheels at unbelievably low prices!

Our Tru-Flange process means perfect lug holes and a shine that the competition cannot beat.

You always win here at Fleet Wheel. If your wheel is unstable at all, our perfectionists will bring it back to looking its best. Do you have 20-year-old wheels? Bring them back to new! We always have you and your wheels’ best interest in mind. The prices below are per wheel.

Services Available:

Polish Steer Side – $69.95

Polish Drive Side – $79.95

Polish Both Sides – $134.95

Polish Holes (Round Only) – $9.95

Clean Asphalt or Concrete – $29.95

Diagnostics & Crack Check – $19.95