Standard 8 to 10 Adapter Kit


Set of four 8-Lug to 10-Lug Adapters for Most Dually Pickups. Best quality, strongest adapters available in the market. Precision machined in the USA! Please specify year, make and model of your dually when ordering.

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    Our adapters are precision machined in the USA from solid annealed steel plate.  Each adapter weighs 34 lbs!

    *Strongest adapters available

    *Not mass produced

    *Can be bought separately

    *Made to order in USA

    *Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

    Rear adapters feature solid, deep ridge and long studs to hold two aluminum wheels with stock hub bore and without face milling!

    *Note: These adapters will not work with American Force wheels, as American Force enlarges the hub bore and face mills their wheels so they only work with their adapters.

    Front adapters have shorter studs and ridge to hold one aluminum wheel.  We use only DOT approved and stamped studs and lug nuts.  Beware of cut rate imitators!

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    Weight 136 lbs


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